Service Times


  8:30am - Chapel Service

10:00am - Worship and



2016 Summer Schedule

One service ~ 10:00am

May 29 – September 4


At a Glance

September Highlights


   9/1  Youth Advisor Meeting


   9/4  Communion Sunday


   9/5  Labor Day ~ Office Closed


   9/7  Yoga

         Worship Committee Mtg. 

           Troop 36 Committee Mtg.


  9/9  Kings & Warriors



           8:30 Worship Resumes

           Journeys Resumes

           Club 45

           Sr. High Youth Group


9/15  LV Women’s Club


9/17  Men’s Breakfast


9/18  Jr. High Youth Group


9/21  Session Meeting


9/22  Holy Folders/Apostolos


9/24  Memorial Service


9/25  Service Celebration


9/28  Confirmation








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We hope to use this site as a tool to communicate with our church members and friends and also to let the world know we are here.  If you find there are some kinks in the system or if you run across anything that makes you scratch your head, contact our church secretary at or give a call 908-876-3471.


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A Church of Joyful Faith


Welcome to the online home of Long Valley Presbyterian church.  We're glad you found us and hope you will explore our worship life and view the impact of Jesus in our community and world taking place through the lives of adults, youth and children in our church.  We are people who strive to grow in our faith as we discover how to ministry in the bounds of friendship and show God's love to each other and to the world.


Our Mission is to Build a Church of Joyful Faith.  We are a church family that cares for each other and reaches out to the local community and the world with the message that with Christ comes hope, peace, joy and love.  Together, we are on a journey of faith, and we invite you to journey with us.


Long Valley Presbyterian Church is a congregation of sinners and servants in an industry protected, suburban enclave in northwest New Jersey.  Our homes and developments are hidden among the trees and landscape.  We enjoy the scenery of the mountain and the valley with the convenience of suburban amenities just a few minutes away.  It makes for a rather long work commute for many, but its worth it when you arrive home.  We recognize that God calls us to reach out to our community and world with a message of grace.

Rise Above

Dr. Nagel has challenged each of us to Rise Above in 2016. As he says, spiritual growth does not happen by chance.  This year, make a commitment to grow closer to God, learn how to articulate your faith, discover how to talk to God in simple language.




In the words of Dr. Nagel, "Like the battery of our vehicle, our human battery - our heart and soul - what God has given us for this life needs to be recharged each day. We have to get into the habit of leaving our troubles and our sinful nature with God - because God is taking all of that and granting us forgiveness through Christ our Lord and making our lives new. The Apostle Paul said: 'Anyone who is in Christ is a New Creation, the old has passed away, and everything is becoming new.'"




blogspotTo help you grow spiritually and to keep you focused, follow Dr. Nagel's blog on spiritual growth at





twitterGet spiritual messages - Follow Dr. Nagel on Twitter where he tweets inspirational and spiritual quotes and thoughts: aaronnagelnj



Dr. Nagel's current Sermon Series:


     Rise Above


To listen to some previous sermons preached by Dr. Nagel click here






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Ort Farm Fundraiser


October 1 & 2


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Fall Rummage Sale


October 14 & 15


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