In this pamphlet, I want to provide a means to assist you in your personal conversations with God. Prayer is hard enough when times are good; it can be even harder when we think times are not so good. And yet, prayer is the primary means of communicating with God in both good and bad times. How do we approach God, especially in difficult times? God loves you and desires to be in relationship with you. It can be hard to speak with God. We often ask, "What do I say and how do I say it?" People are in need of spiritual growth and direction in their lives.

Whether you are young or old, employed or retired, a seeker or religiously mature, a believer or a nonbeliever, part of the church or never attend, spiritual growth discipleship does not happen by chance. I invite you to join me and discover a method of talking in a simple conversation with God.

- Dr. J. Aaron Nagel

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