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Dr. J. Aaron NagelThis page is provided so that friends and visitors can access information on writings and listen to select sermons preached by The Rev. Dr. Aaron Nagel with the hope that they will enrich your faith.

Dr. Nagel is passionate about spiritual growth, believing that spiritual growth does not happen by chance; it must be cultivated. Therefore, he regularly preaches sermons and series with the purpose of connecting everyday living with one's personal spiritual development. Dr. Nagel believes that preaching is a gift, a honed skill and an art. An avid student in the art of preaching, he delivers sermons from different preaching perspectives throughout the year in order to open the scriptures up to a variety of listeners.

Below are descriptions and sermons preached by Dr. Nagel to enable listeners to identify and understand different preaching perspectives.

Please note: All sermons may contain slight background noise as they are recorded live.


Preaching as Teaching
Preaching as Teaching takes its roots in Expository Preaching which centers around the meaning of a particular text. More than just exegesis (the technical and grammatical discovery of scripture) expository preaching is careful to draw out of the text meanings in the passage in its original context. Preaching as Teaching expands on expository preaching by including illustrative material from biblical, ancient, and secular works to make the text come alive in the ears of the listener while not requiring a verse by verse explanation of the scripture reading. It's purpose is to allow the listeners to discover meaning and to evoke a response.

"Therefore" is preached from the Preaching as Teaching approach, utilizing a retention method. It examines the theology of Grace and Justification and is based on the text of Romans 5:1-8.


Preaching As Witness
The Preaching as Witness approach was put forth by The Rev. Dr. Thomas Long in his book which bears the same name. "To be a preacher is to be entrusted with the task of speaking the one word humanity most urgently and desperately needs to hear, the glad tidings of God’s redemption through Jesus Christ." (-Long, The Witness of Preaching, pgs 20-21)

"Turn On The Lights" was preached from the Preaching as Witness approach. It is based on Isaiah 60:1-6 and Matthew 2:1-12, the visit of the Magi. The sermon is a call to the people of faith to bring the Light of Christ to the world.


Preaching as Spiritual Formation
Preaching as Spiritual Formation is a new form of preaching being formulated by The Rev. Dr. J. Aaron Nagel and other contemporary preachers. It involves assisting the listener through the exploration of the Bible to cast a vision for a new way of life - a new way of living, thinking, and acting in one's relationship to God, Jesus Christ, oneself and others. The preacher is not satisfied with preaching merely to provide information, or simply to stir emotions, or to use engaging communicative skills to spread the Gospel. The preacher desires to see the listener becoming more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ as a result of their preaching.

"Life and Peace" was preached from the Preaching as Spiritual Formation approach. It is based on Romans 8:1-11 and Ezekiel 47:1-14 and seeks to assist in spiritual growth.


Narrative Preaching
The Rev. Dr. Fred Craddock in As One Without Authority proposed inductive form as one option in gospel proclamation. An inductive form, which would become known as Narrative Preaching, would lead listeners in a certain direction rather than stating and then proving a conclusion. It would give listeners freedom to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. The sermon would point toward the preacher’s own reading of the biblical text and re-creates the process of discovery of meaning in the text. Thus, the inductive sermon would still be proclamation, but proclamation that 20th and 21st-century listeners could understand and engage.

"Lost Parents" was preached from the Preaching as Narrative approach and is based on the childhood of Jesus from Luke 2:41-52.
Note: The sound quality of "Lost Parents" is not clear and crisp and contains a considerable echo. It is recommended that you increase the bass level and decrease the treble for listening. It has been posted anyway because it is an example of the narrative-preaching approach and in order to provide sermons that were prepared and delivered from different preaching perspectives.


Preaching As Storytelling
Though closely related to The Rev. Dr. Freddrick Craddock's model of Narrative Preaching, Preaching As Storytelling would include the use of resources outside the scope of the biblical narrative to encompass everyday, ordinary events and activities of people in the world. Preaching as Storytelling would always lead back to the biblical narrative of the Gospel Message.

Preached from the Preaching as Storytelling perspective, "When You Want to be Happy" explores the biblical story of the Lepers. The leper who returned teaches us that happiness can be discovered through the showing of gratitude.
Luke 17:11-19 1 Thessalonians 5:12-18


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