Our Mission

Yes, we are a family. We laugh together, play together, share good times, and even go through struggles. We are a family of faith. We have faith in God and one another. We believe that when people of faith gather together, lives will be touched in a very personal way. We invite all to become part of our church family. Join us in worship, show God joy, and talk to the pastor after church. We do not promise that your life will be smooth. But we do promise that you will not traverse the rough moments of your life alone. So come and join us. Come find family and friendship - and discover joyful faith.

Our MISSION is to build a church of joyful faith.

See Joyful Faith
We see the difference joyful faith makes in us, our community, our nation, and our world.

Share Joyful Faith
We share joyful faith with others, accepting imperfect people like us, and spreading the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Show Joyful Faith
We show joyful faith by reaching out to our friends and neighbors in need, through compassion, tenderness, and grace.

Discover the difference Long Valley Presbyterian Church makes!