Men's Ministry

Men’s Breakfast Study
We meet the first and third Saturday of each month, September through June. Breakfast begins at 7:30 am with camaraderie and humor over a good meal, followed by a conversational discussion. We are currently reading the book: Average Joe: God’s Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men. This program seeks to be light-hearted, with conversation regarding everyday living. One does not have to be a Biblical scholar to participate. We are trying to discover how to relate to one another as men, and how our faith can shape us into better men of God.

Kings and Warriors Dinner Gatherings
We usually meet four times a year, at a place and time selected for the convenience of all, to enjoy a good meal and share fellowship centered on a particular jovial topic. Announcements are made on Sunday mornings, via email, and texts.

Evening Bible Study
We are offering another level of spiritual growth for men centered on the study of scriptures. This group is geared for men longing to grow not only in their knowledge of the Bible, but who want to discover how the scriptures can influence their everyday living. This program will require a greater degree of commitment, but with enormous spiritual rewards. The current program will be studying “The Godly Man”. We will study specific Bible passages, and share opinions about how to become spiritual men of God. Advanced preparation is required. Advanced knowledge of the Bible is not necessary, just a commitment to share and participate. The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 8:00 – 9:00 pm. Locations are announced as we go on. Everyone will be out by 9:30 pm at the latest.